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Shift protection and management of your assets to a higher level
Our services also include the establishment of trust funds and their management. Why is it useful and convenient to set up a trust fund? Read on to find out why...

The history of trust funds dates back to the middle ages when the nobility sought to protect its property and succession from the possibility of loss or poor property management. Some of the first trust funds to be formed, had a clear task which was to keep the property within the possession of the family for future generations, and to ensure was not at risk from from being takeover by others outside of the family. The selected individuals could benefit from such property but could not arbitrarily dispose of it.

A trust fund is a certain form of asset management that results from its ownership of its founder, yet it will be completely anonymous. This asset then becomes an asset without legal personality and then immediately becomes anonymous – independent.  The founder of this fund will then appoint a trustee who will take care of the assets. But even so-called beneficiary, conceived, the beneficiary is entitled to benefit from the property.  Under certain conditions of the trust fund (statute), the beneficiary receives the fund's revenue, but can not dispose of it. Precisely because of this rule, all the assets are carefully guarded against possible risks.

Where to set up a trust fund?

Today's major challenge is the opening of bank accounts with renowned banking houses, the stability and certainty of the legal framework also last but not least, the tax advantage of the trust fund.

Popular and proven destinations: Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Panama, USA, UK and last but not least, from 2014 it is now possible to create a trust fund in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of a trust fund

This fund serves primarily for publicly beneficial (part of the property is then allocated for a purpose, which does not serve the original founder) or also private purpose.

Private purposes of the trust fund:

Managing and investing for purpose of certain benefit – Control of the assets by the help of the trust fund and its independent relationship with natural or legal persons is a big advantage.  It is really prevented by the unwanted rapid changes, as for example sale of the family assets.

Assets protection - If you will separate your assets from its original owner, you will protect your assets as much as possible. Then they do not belong to any legal or natural person and are managed only for the benefit of the beneficial.

Protection of the privacy of the beneficiary – The beneficiary, but not even the owner appears in publicly available databases. The beneficiary, therefore, can enjoy assets in any way, without affecting its privacy.

Distribution of assets – Laws in the United Kingdom clearly determine what happens to the assets, for example, during a divorce. The distribution of assets may be uneven and may have certain conditions already set or fulfil the will of the original owner.

Protection against enemies – if you have your assets protected enough by the trust fund, it is almost impossible, for an enemy takeover.

Ensuring intergenerational continuity – Unbundling of your assets in a certain class, very well reduces the threat of bad intergenerational exchange.

Services, which we offer

We will listen carefully to you

Only if we listen to you, we will know your life and would be able to create a team with not only specialists but also experienced managers, who will think about the plan of the trust fund with your personal values. We will then create a special individual solution, to meet your needs and which will be advantageous for you in the future and will provide for you and your family safety and protection.

Pieces of Advice

If you are not sure, whether a trust fund is suitable for you, we will be happy to help you find the pros and cons. We will also take into account possible risks, benefits, but also the necessary costs. Thanks to our help, you can be absolutely sure about your decision.

Creating a trust fund

Our experienced team of legal and tax specialists will help you to set up a trust fund in a suitably chosen destination based on your preferences and help you fine-tune everything to the small detail. After approval of the statutes (Status, Notary Deed) will assume all responsibility for you (for the administrative process of setting up your fund and all communication with the necessary authorities).

Management of the trust fund

As for the administrator, you will be pleased with a very professional approach and individual care. The task of such an administrator is to be a proper farmer, manage all the important processes for example, to communicate with the guardian (protector).


We are real professionals in the field and we are perfectly focused on the issues of trust funds creation and management.

Take the advantage of our services and experiences, at a non-binding informative meeting we are happy to process a specific concept based on your expectations.

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