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Purchase of company and Transfer of company or business

Are you wondering how to recognise when it’s time to carry out the transfer of company that isn’t in the best shape?

Maybe now is the right time.

The most common reasons for company sales are:

  • age and the moment when there’s nobody to take over a company, to continue its activity
  • an investor sought after to take over the business and continue with its activities
  • the company’s poor condition

If you experience a decline in demand and escalating pressure from creditors, you’re rushing and don’t know what to do first, then the best thing to do is to stop and stay calm.

The more you push, the less it works.

How it goes:

  • We’ll purchase the company share from you
  • Assemble a crisis manager, this is the main governing link in dealing with creditors, authorities and banks
  • You’ll get space and time
  • Management and day-to-day business contact with creditors, executors and lawyers will be passed to the people qualified on the issues

What will a transfer of company, buyout bring to you?

  • Time reserve and distance from operating difficulties
  • New company headquarters and a change of name

Maybe you’ll be another who’ll write us a reference:


"A crisis management expert helped me to look at the situation from a distance, he took off my rose-tinted glasses off, blurred by the weight of traffic. We have evaluated the situation and I decided to buyout, take over the company. "

"I’m a businessman and a lover of life like you. My path was zig-zagged and littered with potholes. I know what it’s like to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not have money the next month to pay bills. And that’s how it was for a few months. I didn’t have time for my family, wife, children,  friends or hobbies. Where did the change occur? I realised due to the debilitating state of health and that I need a change. That if I carry on with what I’m already doing, I can hardly expect other results.  Now I know, that change is possible! That I can be successful, easily making money by what I enjoy and spend time with my family and loved ones."

"I have been working in construction since 1995, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I have been experiencing in the last five years. My decision to sell the company and to liquidate the company have been long delayed until my state of health. When I look back, I only regret the fact that I didn’t do it earlier. Indeed, nobody does business with this intention, and then feels “sorry” for years. Now I look at things differently and basically it was deliverance for me, my health and my family. I am also a consultant in the field."

"I have been doing business in transport with my husband for 9 years. The problems arose mainly with declining orders and the poor payment morale of the remaining customers.  We managed to use only 40% of the fleet. Restructuring has helped us reduce costs and liabilities which were pushing the company to a certain bankruptcy. We are doing business in a new company now but we already have everything set-up to protect our property in particular. To see the real situation wasn’t pleasant for me at all. Thanks to the steps we have chosen, we didn’t lose our house and kept our business in reduced operation. If we didn’t do so, we would be out of work now and without our home."

No matter how many times you fall in your life, the important thing is that you always get up and want to go on. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It's the courage to continue that counts."

Our affiliates provide fast and discreet transfers, redemptions.

To manage firm in bankrupt requires decisiveness and correct timing.

Maybe you just hesitate. Ask yourself what will change when you continue to act as so far?

We're here, ready to show you the way.

For whom we are not here: we don’t buy dead boxes

"For a better tomorrow"


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