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New technologies are propulsiving a modern economy, delivering real benefits to society while operating under a new set of business rules based on the blockchain, smart contracts and digital currencies.

Actors in this area need assistance to help understand the legal regulatory and tax environment in which they are operating. Zenron finds all the answers to these unfamiliar questions.

Wheter you are the promoter of an ICO, a private investor, an institutional investor or an investment professional, Zenron supports you with their competent specialist teams comprised of:

Legal experts

Tax experts

Corporate services administrators

Fund experts


Compliance experts

We provide advice on structuring and launching of an ICO and assist with the review of the white paper.

Depending on where you are situated in this brand-new economy we help answering the following questions.

ICO Promotors

  • What is the best jurisdiction to launch the ICO, and which corporate entity?
  • How to manage compliance obligations?
  • What investors are prohibited?
  • How are my interests taxed and how is the ICO taxed?
  • Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, VAT?
  • What FIAT banking solutions are available for the business and for the founders?

Private Investors in crypto assets

  • Am I allowed to invest in crypto/tokens?
  • How will I be taxed on gains/losses? Capital gains tax, income tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax?
  • Do I have annual reporting requirements?
  • What happens to my assets when I die?

Investment Professionals dealing with crypto assets

  • Can I trade and advice on crypto for clients?
  • How am I regulated?
  • What is the best jurisdiction for a fund investing in crypto?
  • How can the collective investment vehicle/fund hold the assets in custody?
  • Which banks will I be able to work with?
  • What are my compliance obligations?

Please contact your local office for assistance. More details of our services to follow soon.

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