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A bailiff in the house – stick in the hand? We have a better solution that can protect your assets and you can rest and go about your business peacefully.

Maybe the bailiff will come at your door. This unpleasant visit can cause a fall in your personal and professional life. It's up to you if you let them. If a bailiff is waiting for you, you can’t have a bank account or a business share in your company as the bailiff may freeze both.

You may also think that you’re condemned to life of fear and without freedom. If it happened to you to give up and take the "dead beetle" approach, then we'll show you in a few moments that it can be quite different.

The ostrich may be a cute animal, but it can’t master a business intention, don’t take their example and put your head in the sand. Your commitments will be remembered by themselves. If you decide to ignore incoming mail or just don’t let the bailiff in, it will only result in increased debt due to items such as the cost of delivering more charges or court fees. The statistics are alarming. Year-on-year there are more and more people who are hunted by bailiffs.

There is a solution. Can you imagine that you can do business and the bailiff’s tentacles can’t reach your income? You can also get space for business and a dignified life.

You can get in distraint before you can say: "Distraint" The bailiffs power is far-reaching. The bailiff can freeze your bank account immediately and take the salary. And not only yours, but also your family, husband or wife will find themselves caught up in this problem. Nowadays, it’s easy to get into trouble without actually owing.

Our existing legal system allows the bailiff to take seized items immediately. Yes, you can defend yourself by an exclusion action. Compared to the speed of our courts, a turtle is a sprinter. Typically, such proceedings may take several months. In practice, many people prefer to pay the debt instead of a real borrower to avoid losing their assets. If you don’t have the necessary resources, you will have to accept that your assets will have a temporary vacation with the bailiff. Getting it back can be extremely tedious.

Distraint and joint asset of spouses

For entrepreneurs it’s even worse. However, you don’t need to underestimate the distribution of risks in business, and spend a number of sleepless nights thinking about how to turn your withering company back onto its feet. You will find yourself in it even without your own commitments slowly starting to overpass you.

Nobody cares that the debts remain with you as a monument, for example, to relatives. Did your precious half forget to tell you that they have minor financial discrepancies that they’ve ignored for so long and that they’re not so small anymore? In this case, even an immediate reduction of your spouse’s joint asset won’t help you if the debt arose before the enactment of the relevant charter adjusting it.

Although you want to do business, you know your value, you can make money, but you’re not allowed to do so in this country. If you’ve gone through insolvency, bankruptcy, you may even be forbidden. Paradoxically, you want to be financially free to pay off your obligations and you’re not allowed to do so. The impenetrable wall of distraint holds you in its grasp.

We used the laws in their verbatim text and set up a way to protect entrepreneurs who were hit by the bailiff's hand. Avoid stressful periods of uncertainty and fumbling around. With our solution, you won’t have to experience this awful feeling when you can’t get to your own finances and you’re also ashamed in front of your own family.

You can get:

  • a tool for safe business and protection of your finances.
  • space and time to breathe again and normally do business and live.
  • a tool that will enable you to do business even when you are forbidden from doing business.
  • protect your business and your business share from being taken by the bailiff.
  • position of a foreign investor.

Relying on politicians to adjust the law is like relying on a weather forecast presenter who dramatically tells you that it may rain tomorrow, but the sun could also shine.

Beware this service isn’t for people who are unwilling to take responsibility for everything that happens to them in their lives. It isn’t for people who wait for someone to do everything for them.

If the protection isn’t provided by your own state, you need to look elsewhere. We have assembled a new service for all those who happened to be under pressure from bailiffs.

We provide a tool for people who haven’t lost hope, are hardworking and have decided to portray their own way of life. One lost match doesn’t decide an entire tournament.

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