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Ownership anonymity and assets protection

Tax havens often have a controversial reputation concerning ownership anonymity and assets protection, even though they’re a legitimate solution. This doesn’t mean that only those entrepreneurs are included in the tax havens, who are unfair and who, after a few years of running the company, come to Seychelles to enjoy a real heaven.

Many entrepreneurs were brought to tax havens by a very good reason. The main motivation of entrepreneurs is ownership anonymity. In the best case, they’re often driven by fears regarding assets protection, health or even their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Ownership, is it a Public Affair?

The ownership structure in our country is extremely transparent. Absolutely everyone has approach to the extracts of the Commercial Register, the data is traceable to everyone. Another thing you find out without having a good mind worthy of Hercule Poirot, is an extract from the real estate register, or you can read the financial statements of companies including the person you are interested in. You can also immediately learn personal information such as their birth number or permanent residence.

Let’s not publish anything we know: secrecy protects us

Why seek ownership anonymity?
Your competitor's practices can be a million miles away from fairness. Strong competitive struggle sometimes turns into such methods that even Yakuza wouldn’t have to be embarrassed for them. But negative impacts are "only" noticeable in your normal social life.

My house (and my company) = it’s my business

Some countries, especially in Europe, throw their entrepreneurs to proverbial lions with greater elegance than Emperor Nero and his gladiators in the arena. How to defend? Luckily, there’s the possibility of opalescence and therefore assets protection by moving your business abroad. Therefore, offshore companies have become one of the few options to preserve original ownership anonymity.

A popular tax haven where privacy is guaranteed and virtually it’s impossible to find the real owner.

Another alternative is a combination of the so-called nominee services, which can also be used separately. In practice, this means that another person is assigned to the position of the owner, the director or the company's executive, who performs this function for a certain amount of money. The real owner remains secret, which can provide them with an advantage in a competitive fight or protect them from unwanted media attention.

This person represents the company either actively or passively and always has to follow the instructions given, they never act alone. It’s therefore necessary to negotiate the nominee through a certified and reputable intermediary. Trusting such powers into strange hands is very risky. We can help you place the appropriate people in the nominee position and precisely define their authority.


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