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If you would like to obtain tax residency in England, a permanent residential address and a bank account, you will also need to deal with the NIN number.

NIN or Englishman’s cipher

The mysterious abbreviation is nothing but a National Insurance Number. This is an identification number that identifies you in the local social system. It has the technical appearance of nine alphanumeric characters, it’s exactly in the form of two letters, six digits and one letter.

It records all levies to the state insurance fund. So you need it anytime you’ intend working in the UK. But beware, within the protection of your own identity, you definitely shouldn’t share it with everyone, therefore protecting yourself from abuse.

NIN to each family, its benefits and how to do it?

First of all, you’ll be concerned with the already mentioned social system that doesn’t remind you of a maze. What does it mean in practice? You also pay contributions, it’s simplified in the fact that social and health insurance is just one single item. Then you’ll be able to arrange a local bank account here, not only a personal one but also a corporate one.

What do you need? Generally all available documents that prove your identity, exclusively originals, other contracts and a number of confirmations. So you have to be armed with some patience. If you don’t want to take this lengthy process, we can also help you to deal with all that.

British Isles, the Promised Land, why move?

The benefits of being relocated to UK as a businessman and becoming a resident will also have results for you, not just your business. Since you are paying the relevant insurance, you will also be entitled to drawn from the social benefits in the form of pensions. You don’t get that just for having a nice smile, there’s also the official side to deal with in Britain.

With us, you can avoid the complicated process of proving that you have been staying for at least five years, which you can prove by studying, working or having the means to live. This is a necessary condition for all EU countries. We can help you.

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