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‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and the largest tea exporter welcomes new businesses and entrepreneurs with fresh ideas.

 A holiday in Sri Lanka can be briefly defined as: away from the hustle and bustle, close to the sea and nature. Probably, this is the most friendly country in the world, where nobody is in a hurry, everyone is enjoying their life.

But before starting enjoying life, one should think how to enjoy and not to worry so much. And what do we usually worry about the most? You are absolutely right, it’s safety of our assets. Can Sri Lanka help us with that? Yes, yes and again yes.

Incorporate in Sri Lanka NOW!

Basic Information about Sri Lanka:
  • officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India
  • home to many religions, ethnic groups, and languages


Investment, entrepreneurship and business opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island like no other.

For such a small island there is lots to find for your enjoyment white sandy beaches, tea plantations, golf courses, waterfalls and wild rivers to safari. Kindness of local residents will take you to another dimension of thought.

This environment is a one of the great places in India for any company to consider to establish or  for business process outsourcing (BPO)

The incredible boom in the economy attracts not only tourists but mainly investors. Sri Lanka is flourishing and it is up to you whether you want to be there.

Due to its close proximity to India and beneficial agreements between Sri Lanka and India, Sri Lanka is the best gateway to India!!

Doing business in tourism – tourism in Sri Lanka:

ZENRON Sri Lanka has its own international team, with us in Sri Lanka speak Czech, English, Rusky Tamil and Sihnal. You have the opportunity to use locally present team, built and certified network of contacts, you can be sure that the ideas will flow to the “same wave – a European standard. encourage not only Czech company, but especially those who combine doing business. Contact us and visit us in Colombo. attested We have opportunities for acquisitions of businesses, Joint Venture enterprises, cooperation on R & D projects, research, science, education, hotels, resorts, IT center.

 Zenron will provide:

  • Feasibility studies for market entry in Sri Lanka
  • Market surveys in Sri Lanka
  • Risk Consulting – strengths – weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your industry in Sri Lanka
  • Finding a verification partner – Scoring partners in Sri Lanka
  • Tools to protect your investment in Sri Lanka!
  • Draft tax, legal structure and profit repatriation to Sri Lanka
  • Investments in real estate, property search, screening process for your project,
  • negotiations with the Sri Lankan side
  • Acquisition opportunities – JOINT VENTURE – cooperation, partnership in Sri Lanka
  • Management Consulting Sri Lanka
  • Legal and tax services, local support offices ZENRON Sri Lanka
  • Company Formation Pvt. Ltd. , BOI, processing residency, setting up offshore bank accounts in Sri Lanka
  • Looking for a suitable plot of land for your project? we have incentives to Sri Lanka OFF MARKET
Why you should consider Sri Lanka as a perfect destination for your business?

Before incorporating a business in Sri Lanka, you should get familiar with the whole process.

  • First of all, you should obtain a resident visa, which is close to a permanent residency, but this wouldn’t be so difficult, like in some countries.
  • Also there are some restrictions on the shares in the company owned by a foreigner. In the bank sphere it’s not more than 49%, in construction not more than 40%
  • Important! Most of the companies claim,that they can register you a company in 2 days, but don’t believe them. If you sum up all the procedures it will take you around 2-4 weeks, be ready for that. But it is definitely worth it!
  • One of the advantages, no minimal capital requirements, so no big investment is required
  • Sri Lanka has signed a lot of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, which is a good bonus for those, who work with international clients
  • Be ready for some paperwork, like annual financial statements and audit, but it’s not a difficult process and it won’t make your life less enjoyable ;)
  • Different type of companies have different conditions, a private limited company should have minimum 2 shareholders, while public is obliged to have a minimum of 7 shareholders
  • Also it is possible to obtain an offshore status for your company, in that case your business has to be outside Sri Lanka
  • New trends for investors, especially if you are interested in a tourism area of business! Learn more about investment opportunities abroad
  • Sri Lankan commercial laws are based on British laws, so no need of translation services and you don’t have to adapt to a new law system

Sri Lanka is a new world for investors with inside and outside businesses, mostly interested in tourism, are you one of them?

Become one of them and incorporate a company in Sri Lanka NOW!

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