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A beautiful country with beautiful people. Home to a famous pop-artist Andy Warhol. Slovakia inspires everyone with a remarkably diverse nature: Tatras mountains, More than 1300 mineral springs, 6000 caves, World’s highest number of castles and chateaux per capital, all you will find here, in Slovakia. Bordering two countries, Slovakia is one of the countries, which is proud of its geographical middle of Europe.


Basic information:
  • Name of the country: Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
  • Member of the European Union and NATO since mid-2004
  • Land area: 49,035 km2
  • Mountainous: almost 80% is 720 m above sea level
  • Population: 5.4 million
  • Currency: euro
  • Location: Central Europe, bordering with Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria
  • Capital city: Bratislava, population 452,288
  • Language: Slovak, which belongs to the Slavic group of languages (includes Polish, Czech, Croatian and others). In Slovakia many people also speak Hungarian, German, Czech.
  • Religion: most are Roman Catholic(60%), with minorities of Protestants, Greek Catholic, Jews


Slovakia and business
  • Slovakia is a good choice for those, who want to establish a good stable business in Europe with a posibility of getting European residency for our non-european friends
  • Slovakia LLC(SRO) is the most popular business entity
  • Entity can be incorporated with just one director and one Shareholder, who can be either individua lor corporate body
  • Accounting is a mandatory, audit is exceptional, only if Annual turnover is more than 2 million Euros, total assets are more than 1 million and company employed more,than 30 employees
  • Companies have a great option of opening a European branch in Slovakia
  • Costs of setting up a company, salaries, general expences are very low, comparing to other European countries
  • Corporate tax rate in Slovakia is only 22%


But please, be aware,that Slovakia and Slovenia are two different countries, don’t make mistakes, like George W. Bush did ;)

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