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Berries country, like they call her, Serbia is the largest raspberry exporter in the world. Place, where roman emperors were born. Not to mention, Tesla was Serbian, so it simply means Serbia granted us with electricity. Viva, Serbia!

 Basic information:
  • Belgrade is the capital of Serbiaand one of the largest cities in Southeast Europe
  • The name “Serbia” was first mentioned as Greek, meaning“land of the Serbs”
  • Serbia’sagricultural land area is approximately 58% while forests cover 31% of its total land area
  • For500 years Serbia was ruled by Ottoman Empire (Turks)
  • Serbia is a relatively small landlocked country with just 77,474 square kilometres
  • Silver lake or Serbian sea like they call it is the largest lake in the country, as well as one of the clearest and cleanest lakes
Serbia and business
  • Serbian LLC can be formed with just one director and one Shareholder, that can be any nationality, individua lor corporate body.
  • No minimum paid-up capital is required
  • Serbia has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, just 15%, so that is why many companies register their headquarters there
  • Foreigners can register a company, own property, export goods and invest in the country with no restrictions
  • The whole registration proces usually takes up to 3 weeks
  • Serbia has a strong workforce with very high qualified workers and low expenses
  • Owning a country in Serbia gives one a great connection between Western Europe and Middle East Double taxation agreements with 54 countries 
  • One of the only problems, that may stop you from registering your business there is that corruption is still a big issue in Serbia  
  • Also keep in mind, that accounting and translation of the documents to Serbian language is a mandatoryIf you are brave enough and not scared of vampires, as they originally come from Serbia, then you are more than welcome to explore the country and business opportunities it is giving to us.


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