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If you are not scared of being bitten by Dracula, then Romania can become an ideal destination for your business in Europe.

Establish a company in Romania today!

Basic Information about Romania:
  • state located in the southeastern part of Europe
  • The capital is Bucharest and a population of nearly 20 million Inhabitants
  • currently a member of the European Union, one of its youngest members
  • considerable economic growth, which is the result of foreign investment activities in the Romanian economy
  • Thanks to tax reform ,it is among the most interesting countries in Europe in terms of income taxation. Romania is also a member of the UN, NATO or WTO
Why Romania is good for business?
  • Economic growth. As we already mentioned, Romania is characterized by extraordinary economic growth in comparison with other European countries, which attracts more investors to enter the Romanian market, especially from Europe but also from Turkey or Israel.
  • Stable legal system. Romania has a relatively stable legal system, which gradually harmonized with EU law and favorable tax conditions. So no problem with adaptation to new legislation system for you!
  • Low taxation. The basic rate of income tax is 16%, which ranks Romania among the countries with lowest rates of taxation in the European Union.
  • In addition, under certain conditions it is possible to obtain a so-called status of Micro business, which enables it to pay only 3% tax on the total sales. Conditions are that the company must have a turnover of up to 100 000, less than 9 employees and more than half of the revenues must come from activities other than consultancy and management. When exceeding the turnover of 35 000 EUR companies are required to register for VAT, the standard rate is 19%
  • Withholding tax on dividends is 16%
  • Flourishing economy is almost in all areas. The value of real estate in recent years has increased significantly.
  • Furthermore, Romania has a relatively cheap labor force, compared with other European countries. The Romanian market is currently very dynamic and attractive, so it is a good time to enter it. Look for the future! Incorporate in Romania and open new doors for your business.
  • Most often incorporated companies in Romania are SRL, which is similar to our company limited liability, and SA, which is the equivalents of our company. Frequently used form of the SRL, in which case it is sufficient to establish a shareholder and an executive (maximum is 50).
  • But, like any European jurisdiction, you are not exempt from paperwork. The company has an obligation to keep headquarters in Romania, must keep records and submit a tax return under certain conditions is also subject to audit.
  • The registered capital of the company is 200 RON (about EUR 45) Sounds silly and of course it is just a formality, no big investment is required!
  • One important thing, that we want to warn you,that the register of companies is open for public, so companies offer low rate of anonymity. But in that case, you can order nominee services and obtain greater anonymity!

Anonymity. Every single person, especially businessman has a right for anonymity. That is our opinion! Like in some countries it is a matter of time (few clicks and you know the whole information about the person, who owns the business) But do you really want other people know what are doing, what is the capital of business. For some, it is a matter of principle to hide this information and you have all rights for that

  • And the last, but not least important, that Romania also has signed agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, more than 80 agreements! including Czech Republic. So if your business is on the international level, do incorporate in Romania - you won’t regret!

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