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Despite the difficulty times in their history they’ve managed to build one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Travel to Poland, try their famous "pierogi" and maybe never come back..

Basic Information about Poland:
  • officially the Republic of Poland, is one of the largest European countries located in Central Europe
  • The capital is Warsaw with a total population of around 40 million people
  • Part of its southern border is shared with the Czech Republic
  • official language is Polish
  • part of other organizations, eg. The UN, NATO, OECD and WTO
Poland and business
  • Poland is more attractive market for Czech entrepreneurs, because it is much larger and successfully competed with the economic crisis in 2010.
  • Perfect for international market. Poland is also a jurisdiction that has an extensive system of agreements on avoidance of double
     axation and reach a favorable tax optimization.
  • Neighbor relationships. Since it is our northern neighbor, we are very close to us geographically, which can facilitate the management of the company.
  • Furthermore, because of its location allows, you can entry into other markets in Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic states.
  • The most frequently used legal forms are in Poland Spolka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialności (Sp. Z oo), which is similar to our limited liability companies, and associations akcyjna (SA),
    which is the equivalent of our company. For establishment only one shareholder and one secretary are required.
  • The minimum share capital is 5 000 PLN and a minimum nominal value of each share shall be 50 PLN.
  • The company has an obligation to keep the seat in Poland must keep accounts and to submit tax returns.
  • Taxation system. The basic tax rate on corporate income is 19%, the same as in the Czech Republic, and is applied to taxable income.
  • The tax levied on the dividend payout is 9%. Therefore, it is appropriate to use tax optimization tools that are able to effectively reduce this tax. So you can save your money!
  • When turnover exceeded 100 000 PLN has a duty to the company register for Value Added Tax. Its base rate is 23%, but there are reduced rates of 8%, 5% and 0%.

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