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The motto of the Marshall Islands is jepilpilin ke ejukaan, which means “accomplishment through joint effort.” I think the words speak for the themselve, since Marshall islands tried to provide the best conditions for entrepreneurs wanting to grow and profit. Want to grow together?

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Basic Information:
  • island nation situated on the eponymous archipelago in Micronesia
  • cover an area of ​​just 181 km2 with the capital Majuro
  • English and Aboriginal Marshall are two official languages
  • after World War II Marshall Islands faell under the administration of the United States, from whom there are currently economically dependent.
  • Their funding makes up 60% of the state budget of the Marshall Islands.

In 1990, they implemented the Marshall Islands law on international trading company that is ranked among the leading offshore locations currently. From now on it became an attractive jurisdiction. Why?

What any businessman look for in any offshore jurisdiction? Usually, there are some standard points, like low taxation, anonymity, good potential for their business growth,etc. Marshall Islands have it all.

  • favorable geographical position in Micronesia, and thus among the biggest trading partners are countries like China, Japan, Australia and the United States. Those are the most desirable markets for any businessman! It can open a lot of new doors for you.
  • The main advantage of the Marshall Islands is their anonymity. The company register is not open to public. So that simply means, no one will know,that you own this company. How much you earn. It’s 100% safe information.
  • Non-immobilized bearer shares, which allow their free movement throughout the worldsimple and completely anonymous transfer to the new owner.
    That is a unique bonus, that almost none of the jurisdictions on the market can offer you!
  • If we want to achieve the highest degree of anonymity, it is possible to order nominee services, whose main principle is to achieve a professional and responsible person in the functions of the shareholders and directors of companies that are subsequently acting on the behalf of beneficial owner under his instructions.
  • Taxation is made for those, who don’t want to lose the money, that they earned so hard. Why should you? Marshall Islands thinks you shouldn’t! It is known among the the most popular classic offshore centres offering 0% tax, which is compensated by the government fee of $ 450, but there is an important condition, that business activities and management of the company take place outside their territory.
  • Minimum paperwork for you and your employees! Companies are not subject to audit and may not even file a tax return.
  • Minimum capital is not required
  • Thanks to the association with the United States, Marshall Islands do not figure on any blacklist and you will not lose prestige of the company.

Be classic. Establish your business in Marshall Islands NOW!

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