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Alexander the Great, Mother Theresa, St Cyril and St Methodius….do we need to continue? Mysterious country with the greatest history, picturesque nature landscapes and many many secrets. Why not to explore them?

Basic facts:

Official Name: Republic of Macedonia Capital: Skopje Official Languages: Macedonian and Albanian National Languages: Macedonian Other Languages: Turkish, Roma, Serbian and Others Independence: 8 September 1991 Constitution: 17 November 1991 Area: 25,713 square kilometres Population: 2 million (UN, 2011) Currency: Macedonian Denar National Animal: Lion

Macedonia and business
  • Macedonia should receive a country „Oscar award“ for growing from one of the poorest countries to one of the most powerful in the Balkan area
  • Member of the World Trade Organization and signed free trade agreements with almost all European countries
  • Export and import is highly developed in the country
  • In order to register a company LLC in Macedonia, you need just one director and one shareholder
  • Very quick incorporation, up to one week
  • Flat tax rate of 10%! On corporate profits, capital gains and dividends
  • Of the most competitive labour costs in Europe with high qualified workers
  • A lot companies register their headquarters in Macedonia
  • Like for most of the European countries, accounting and annual financial statements are a mandatory
  • Due to the political non-stability Macedonia has several problems, corruption is one of them. Plus, there could be some difficulties in opening corporate bank accounts for a Macedonian company. Macedonia is famous for its wineries, producing red and white wines, which can easily compete with any French, Italian and Californian wine. 

Macedonia. A country with a great past and a great future. Country, that proved the world, that hard work is the only key to success and prosperity.

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