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Smallest country in Africa is slightly smaller, that Yorkshire. Past member of Commonwealth, that from the words of the president learned only how to sing Baa, Baa Black Sheep and God Save the Queen from the British nation.

Basic information:
  • Officially the Republic of the Gambia is a country in West Africa
  • Country gained its independence from the UK in 1965
  • Gambia's capital city is Banjul

May Africa not scare you. Despite economical non stability, lower level of live, Africa is a golden fish and experienced businessmen from all over the world know that.

  • Gambia is well known for import/export business. One of the major exports are peanut products, fish, cotton lint, palm kernels. Import products are foodstuffs, manufactures, fuel, machinery and transport equipment. Moreiver i’m sure, there are more goods to find, so for a businessman it could be a land of newborn products.
  • Cheap prices, comparing to European/USA market, that including prices for the goods and working force
  • Apart from the import/export other popular business directions are factories, manufactories, plantations
  • There are twelve commercial banks in Gambia, including a famous bank Standard Chartered Bank

Overall, Gambia is a business destination for entpreneurs willing to expand their business possibilities and blow up the Western market with african products 

Be brave, enter the African market, like they say, who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne. Bottoms up!


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