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A passionate country for passionate people !

Argentina - a land of Latin dancemusic and best soccer players can also be considered as a good choice for company establishment. You would ask: Why registering a company in Argentina?

Basic information about Argentina:

  • state across the bottom of the South American continent
  • its area of 2,780,400 square kilometers is one of the largest countries in the world
  • capital is Buenos Aires and a total population of just over 40 million
  • Argentina name comes from the word argentum (silver) since the first
    Europeans came as a gift from the indigenous population was silver.

Why you should consider Argentina as a good choice destination for your business.

  • „First of all, a ticket to South American market, which means,that you, as a businessman, can cover all the South American market, because Argentina is member of MERCOSUR
    (the South American Community countries), which allows businesses access to a market of 275 miles
  • Plus, you can save a significant amount of money, because Argentina is third cheapest country in this region, which reduces the cost of doing business. Average salaries of skilled workers is around $ 1,300, and those unqualified only about 300 $. Doesn’t that sound seductive ? We say , yes :-)
  • Of course,as an experienced businessman, you probably know, that sometimes the cheapest is not the best, we know that from product market. But, despite being very cheap country, 70% of the population speak English and 65% are computer literate, which makes your business work smoothly with no difficulties and most important no language problems, since English unites all of us.
  • Argentina signed agreements for the avoidance of double taxation, mainly with Latin American countries. What does that mean ? it means you are open to do business with outside countries and not worry about high taxation.
  • Speaking of taxation, country offers ten free zones, where companies registered in these zones are not obliged to pay customs duties and value added tax. That means saving more money for you !
  • If you are willing to invest money, Argentina offered favorable conditions for foreign investors, eg. For companies engaged in tourism, mining or forestry offers a reduction in value added tax in half or fixing income tax in 2019.

Of course we can recommend you Argentina and talk about endless benifits of this jurisdiction, but you as a businessman should know some important technical information.

Before registering a company in Argentina please read this:

  • Argentina companies are established by the Argentine Companies Law (LSC) and the most common legal forms of exploitation by foreigners is Sociedad Anonim (SA).
  • The company must be based with at least one shareholder, the upper limit of the shareholders is limited. And don’t forget about the possibilities of nominee director/shareholder option!

Basicly, you can use a nominee person that will help you with some major points in your business.

  • Every single person, especially businessman has a right for anonymity. That is our opinion! Like in some countries it is a matter of time (few clicks and you know the whole information about the person, who owns the business) But do you really want other people know what are doing, what is the capital of business. For some, it is a matter of principle to hide this information and you have all rights for that!
  • Please, be aware that Everyone is responsible for the company's obligations up to the amount of their paid-in capital.
  • All administration and management is performed by directors who are fully responsible for the proper execution of their duties, their gross negligence, violation of law or abuse of power.
  • The second form is a Limited Liability Company (SRL).
  • The minimum number of shareholders is two and a maximum of fifty.
  • Taxes are levied in Argentina at three levels - national, provincial and
  • highest tax burden where the tax rate is 35%!
  • basic rate of VAT is 21%
  • Withholding tax on dividend payment is set at 15%

So if you are an active businessman, willing to expand your business to South American market, have interest in investment with good taxation structure, anonymity possibilities, then Argentina is a good market choice for you!

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