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What is the meaning of the word Fiduciary?

The fiduciary is theoretically the person or the whole organization to which ownership has been transferred, provided that it is handled according to the rules or agreements. The highest legal duty of one party to lead the other also includes the fact, that we have to act ethically in the best interests of the other. The fiduciary may also be responsible for the well-being of everyone, but it usually involves the necessary finances (management of the assets of one or more people). As trustees in this case, we may consider for example banker, accountants, money managers or members of the board of directors.

If people choose their fiduciaries for the purporse of plannig assets, most people are not quite sure who to choose. If your own children, best friends or whoever they really trust. You can also choose so-called corporate trustees, which is usually the best solution.

Benefits of selecting ZENRON corporate fiduciary

 Management of experts

Corporate confidants are real professionals. They have more experienced employees who will take care of asset management and administration of guardianship or trust accounts. Together with portfolio managers, they will be prudently investing trust funds. hich will again lead to investment services and professional management.


One of the important things with a corporate fiduciary is the fact, that it will not be directly linked to your recipient, so you can avoid all the emotional stress or fear. This could happen in case, if your fiduciary is a family member or a friend. Another advantage is that the business confidant will not be affected by your past or your current life you are leading. He will therefore manage your property as defined in the explicit terms of your last will or contract.

Single-purpose device

A corporate trusteeship will have all the resources it manages, charges, or invests in. Part of this will be for example brokering services, investment services or commercial and real estate management services.

High level of care

Since corporate trustees are only legal persons, they must be licensed, self-insured and also subject to strict governmental and federal regulations. They will therefore follow high standard care. If the overseer makes a mistake, then the judge will decide against the institution. On the contrary, he will have to pay for his mistakes. This generally does not occur with an individual finduciary who has little or no experience of managing property. He will therefore be responsible for an act or omission that constitutes gross negligence.

We will help you to set up suitable persons as a fiduciary. After completing the contact form, we will assure you, that working with us is the best way to choose a corporate fiduciary. Together with ZENRON, for your safety and your peace of mind.

Receive a non-binding proposal today. Call us +44 (0) 20 3735 5557 or fill out the form below.
Receive a non-binding proposal today. Call us +44 (0) 20 3735 5557 or fill out the form below.

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