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There are times in life when nothing works out. Do you know the proverb, first you’re down, and then you’re up? It’s the same case in business. If the wrong moment comes along, we're ready to help you out of your troubles. Crisis is a state of emergency whereby production is declining in companies and therefore problems occur. The lease payment can’t wait as well as the company's other costs, either in the form of invoices or payables to employees. Even after debts arrive, it’s still not necessarily too late.

Then we arrive. We take control and go with you side by side. We lead a group as well as an individual to the goal. That's what we'll teach you. If you lack discipline, we are here to put you on the right track and show you the direction. If you miss motivation, we’ll find it. And if the art of steering is missing too, we'll teach you.

We are here to kick you and lead you forward.

Crisis management takes place everywhere where owners lose hope and cannot handle the situation themselves.

We can tame indebtedness, bad moods, laziness, tolerance and injustice.

Don’t stay alone and reach for us.

Process settings:

  • We’ll set the company's objectives
  • We’ll appoint a crisis manager
  • We’ll get to know the overall situation
  • We’ll develop a crisis plan
  • We’ll introduce the plan to all employees and stakeholders
  • We’ll lead the company to the given goal
  • We’ll teach you all of that as well

Crisis management is an action for professionals.
We can overcome the pitfalls and get you away from the bottom and back to the surface.

We offer comprehensive crisis management services. We have a number of experienced managers for our clients. They have rich experience and convincing managerial results. We’ll provide you with experienced professional team for a time-limited or pre-arranged project to take you out of the crisis and difficult situations. If you don’t have enough experience or strength to handle it, we’re here for you.

Do you have to make complex changes or projects in the short term?


We will partially or completely take over (e.g. management of the department, production, etc.) your company's management. After change, the project, the crisis or the search for a suitable future top manager, our interim manager hands over the company management to the owners or to top manager. Throughout the interim management period, you have, of course, complete oversight over the activities of our interim manager, and all the strategic steps, as well as the assigned tasks and goals, are continually approved and controlled by you.

Failure and success are two interconnected vessels, however, they did forget to tell us this at school. When we were children, we didn’t mind falling and getting up again, as adults we are ashamed of it and we’re often afraid to ask for help or advice.

Your time is the main currency.

Remember, admitting a mistake doesn’t mean a weakness. It’s a manifestation of great power. And you have it in you. We’ll help you rediscover it and receive the best lessons. Under our leadership you can become a winner.

We will help you to heal your business. We often find it difficult to talk about problems in the company. But, as has been said, confessing the problem isn’t a weakness.

We are here to help you, we’re not judges or civil servants. We come to protect you from these. We place great emphasis on openness and provision of all information. That is the only way we can choose the most beneficial way.

We’ll listen to you, identify positives and negatives, uncover threats and opportunities, and reveal your path and the new horizon you want to go.

We’ll provide:

  • Process optimisation
  • Cost optimisation
  • Goal optimisation
  • Marketing strategy optimisation
  • Set the control system
  • Consolidation
  • Revitalisation
  • Healing
  • Stabilising the company's business
Failure is a required guide for all winners. Successful individuals value failure and use it to further their growth and development.
It isn’t important what it’s in the past, but in the future!

Together for a better tomorrow

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