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With our help, you’ll get closer to your business goals and minimise risks.
Shorten and speed up your path to success.

  • Perhaps you're just thinking about which country to choose for setting-up a company.
  • How to set-up a business structure properly to support you in the future.
  • How long to protect your know-how, business and assets.
  • How to spread business risks.
  • How to protect assets against attacks in the country where you primarily do business.
  • How to choose a strategy for business and life in abundance.

You can choose a way of self-discovery, the path of unnecessary attempts and mistakes, or we can become your guides along proven paths.

Why with us?

  • Because we’re professionals, everything we recommend is verified in practice
  • We respect your options, privacy and confidentiality
  • We guarantee a private approach
  • We are open, flexible and creative
  • We prefer personal consultation. It’s also possible to use an online consultation.
  • You can work with us in up to 64 countries around the world
  • We’re entrepreneurs and, above all, people just like you

You'll be successful with us! Save time and money.

Do something more!

Choose the best practices and methods in order to fulfil your business dreams

The most important thing is the initial set-up for your business model.

In order to choose the right strategy, we need to know perfectly how you work, what
exactly do you expect from your chosen service, what you want to achieve, what it should bring to you.
What are your future plans, desires and goals.

After consultation, you’ll receive 100% confidence without mistakes and wrong expectations.

"Life success doesn’t depend on the conditions we have, but on the decisions we make.

Every day, every hour, every minute we can decide and start doing things differently,

because we can only expect other results on the basis of other actions."

Consult with experts on international structures, asset protection

and the distribution of risks in our office. 

Consultations are charged: at £70/hour.

Do you need advice and don’t want to visit Prague in person?
it’s possible to connect with us online from the comfort of your home.

Book your term by phone or
online using the form below.

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