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Business success without risk
The business environment is a challenging and confusing landscape. You must win not only over competition but also over many legislative regulations, decrees and ordinances. Tracking changes in this area is very time-consuming. With our advice you will be doing business without worries.

What compliance advice means

Business is required to follow a wide range of rules. Compliance aims to set internal processes to comply with these rules. Compliance monitors criminal liability as well as compliance with procedures in accordance with labor and contract law. It deals with discrimination, bullying, corruption, protection of personal data, money laundering and other issues.

Compliance checks

Violations of rules that are governed by laws, decrees, and regulations are subject to very high fines, and may result in court proceedings. Compliance with rules is controlled by a number of bodies and institutions. External compliance advisor is an effective prevention of how to go through checks without the slightest difficulty and negative findings.

Control bodies in the United Kingdom:

  • Financial Conduct Authority,
  • Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Bank of England,
  • Financial Policy Committee,
  • The Treasury,
  • and many others.
Why external compliance advice from ZENRON

A professional consulting firm will take care to identify in the company all activities that are subject to external control of the rules. Verify compliance with legislative and other regulations and recommend procedures for optimizing internal processes. At the same time it will take care of the inspection of the contractual documentation, or it will develop a new one. Compliance advisor will take care of the regular training of your employees, monitor the legislative changes that affect your subject of business and regularly inform you. You are minimizing the risk of sanctions by control authorities for violating legislative standards.

By working with the external compliance consulting agency ZENRON you will get:
  • internal operation of the organization in accordance with legal regulations,
  • creation of internal regulations,
  • anti-money laundering measures,
  • compliance with human resources regulations,
  • employee training (elimination of negative phenomena such as discrimination and bullying),
  • fulfilling obligations in relation to customers or clients,
  • assisting with the controls of the supervisory authorities,
  • checking of the contractual documentation.
Additional services of compliance advisor

The external independent consulting agency ZENRON with a team of lawyers and consultants can assist you not only in normal business activities, but also when you are planning to register a new company or obtain a variety of permits and licenses. For example, obtaining a license to trade in securities, to provide non-bank loans or investment intermediaries is not easy. Compliance advisor can represent you in the process and take care of the smooth running of the process.


The renowned office ZENRON and its experienced legal team will help you with the right set up of rules and train your staff, to reduce the risk of criminal responsibility and a variety of sanctions. Damage to a company's reputation or information leakage means damage that can not even be quantified. Contact our team of professionals and avoid the risks!


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Receive a non-binding proposal today. Call us +44 (0) 20 3735 5557 or fill out the form below.

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