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Start your business abroad

It’s no secret that the business environment in each country has pros and cons. 

The most common reasons for entrepreneurs entering offshore businesses are:

  • Ownership and identity protection of the owner and director
  • Financial - tax optimisation
  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Strengthening the brand

Financial reason - by entering an offshore business, tax optimisation can be triggered considerably, you can realistically achieve about half to a decimal point tax level due to popular destinations. However, this is by no means the major reason. Another reason for the move can be an attempt to protect the identity of the ownership and protect the privacy of business owners. Another common reason is often the requirement to reduce the bureaucratic burden on the company - entrepreneurs want to rid themselves of excessive mandatory administrative acts. There are destinations that are more welcoming regarding these issues. Another reason is strengthening the company brand and the subsequent company growth on the global market.

Beware: not every establishment abroad and subsequent billing, automatically means that this solution is automatically legal - if the solution is inappropriate, the steps selected could be classified as tax evasion. The fact that the company optimises the amount of tax benefit definitely isn’t the same as when the tax isn’t paid and illegally avoids them.

The goal of optimisation is to minimise the amount of tax liability within the legal channels.

How to make smart use of the benefits doing business with foreign companies while fully complying with the laws of the country and EU directives? We’ll be happy to advise you! We have many years of experience in finding solutions for different types of businesses and we can also find the optimal model for you.

There are many places to choose from to do business - choose from the place that suits you best from 64 destinations! Each country has another set of benefits for entrepreneurs.

Foreign destinations can be divided into onshore and offshore by the type of benefits they bring to entrepreneurs.

Countries that are onshore are countries that are predominantly located in Western Europe, offering a more stable legal environment and a lower rate of taxation. These countries require accountants, tax returns and tax payments from their residents. Typically, they include the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta or the United States.

Offshore countries, on the other hand, require minimum statements and fees from their residents (a company usually only pays a fixed annual fee, regardless of turnover), it’s usually not necessary to keep accounts. On the other hand, while a seat in onshore destinations usually increases the credibility of a business in the eyes of business partners, it’s the opposite when it’s based in offshore countries. Typical representatives of offshore countries are, for example, Seychelles, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, the Bahamas or Belize. Inappropriate integration may well damage the company brand.

There are also different models of how to manage a company.

The first option is to use brokerage services on a one-time basis when setting-up a company and bank account, and then leave additional administration such as sending reports or communicating with authorities to an executive or other internal employee. Another option is to use a ready-made company that has already has history, prepared documentation, and outsource its administration to a specialist who handles all the necessary operations at the offices (similar to an external firm used for wages or accounting firm). Of course, even with the use of these services, the client still has full control over their company and has full authority over all legal acts that they can further grant.

There are, of course, many variable settings that can be individually tuned – we’ll happily help you to find the model that exactly suits your needs.

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