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Do you want easier access to international markets and more favourable tax conditions? Start a business in England. Setting-up a company in England is quick and inexpensive. Does it bother you doing paperwork instead of business? Your business in England can be set-up within 24 hours.

Britain and business.

  • Quick start-up. You can set-up a business in Britain in a few hours! Just imagine, while in some countries you have to wait weeks or even months, in the UK your business can start within 24 hours.
  • Company shareholders have limited liability to business debts.
  • Business ownership in the UK is a prestigious affair, credibility will increase significantly among your clients.
  • There is a reasonable tax rate on a prestigious European destination. Company profits are subject to corporate tax. Small businesses are taxed at a 'small profit rate' currently set at 20%. Larger companies pay a corporate tax at a top 21% with a profit of more than £ 1.5 million.
  • The world's most prestigious banks are open for you and we can help you open your personal and corporate bank accounts!
  • A limited-type company may declare the support of its employees' pensions as a legitimate corporate cost. Ideal tax relief not just for those who are employees of their business.
  • It’s possible to establish a so-called sleeping company, which means that company may not be active.

But be careful!

Business information is publicly available and, previously a fee had been required for providing this information, it’s now available on the web, including shareholder and director information for free. That's why many companies use a service nominee to protect their anonymity.

Anonymity. Every person - and entrepreneur in particular - has the right to privacy. That's our opinion! Anonymity is a matter of principle, and you’re entitled to it!

On the one hand, traditional, on the other hand, conservative. England is classical and modern, purely British and very international. Countries of contrasts and great business opportunities.

Set-up a company in England today.

First in the Czech Republic with professional management of companies in England.

Are you in business and you’re disgusted with the bureaucracy, law and access of officers to businessmen? We have a great news for you. You don’t have to endure it any longer... You can simply get the distance and position of a foreign investor.

Maybe Great Britain is known as a country where it’s constantly raining, but the sun always shines on the businesses on the Islands. There are about thirty thousand new companies a month, being the most popular with foreigners, also Ltd. looks much better abroad than the Czech s.r.o.

"Great Britain - UK is a world-renowned jurisdiction. It’s very popular due to its clear legal conditions, low bureaucracy, clear tax planning structures, professional trading, holding and trust structures, and respected with the high level and availability of banking and capital market".

Say: "Yes!" to establishing a British Ltd company


Why YES in England and why NOT in the Czech Republic!

Protection of companis property in England

In the eyes of your clients, you will get the prestige and image of a British company. Which will strengthen your current relationships and also create a platform for new                             
clients and the ideal conditions  for growth abroad.

Accounting - VAT - tax return in England

You’ll receive the care and helpfulness of Her Majesty's officers who will really treat you as an entrepreneur. You don’t have to have a great-grandfather with "Von" in your pedigree. Even without blue blood, they have respect for you because they realise that you are one of them who contribute to  their pay-outs.

Companies in Great Britain

By facilitating the administrative and tax agenda, you get more time for your business and personal life. You’ve started to do business just to gain freedom and became masters of your time. Overnight success lasts about 10 years.

Start-up in England

You’ll get easier and truly unambiguous procedures in your obligations to the state. In addition, most of the agenda can be handled electronically, and you’ll get rid of the paper store. Cancel your paper store and start doing business.

Business in England-VAT-Ready-Made companies in Great Britain

ASSET PROTECTION With proper initial set-up, you will protect privacy, company and assets as well as family.
RISK RESTRICTIONS With a properly configured structure, you reduce the risk of damage to your company and assets by a third party. Unhappiness doesn’t walk on mountains, it walks on people.

Business in England-companies in England-protection property

KNOW-HOW IN SAFETY Your know-how and brand will really be safe
MORE TIME FOR ACCOUNTING You’ll be able to submit the English company tax returns after 12 months of the accounting year. Corporate tax will be paid up to 9 months after the end of the accounting year.

Business stability in Great BritainINTEREST ON PROVIDED FUNDS
If your new English Ltd. pay tax before necessary, the tax office has to pay your business interest on funds before the deadline.


The obligation to register your business for VAT is up to turnover threshold of £83,000, when even an increase up to £125,000 can be discussed.


Accounting -tax return in England-VAT-protection of property

SETTING ACCOUNTING You can only pay VAT to the tax office out of paid invoices, depending on your accounting settings.


Business in England-trusty-investment funds

DOUBLE TAXATION AVOIDANCE England has agreements to avoid double taxation with many states including the Czech Republic!

STABILITY England is perceived globally as the only stable article across Europe.Even the black outlooks of pessimists after BREXIT haven’t been fulfilled.   
                        Actually the opposite has happened!

Protection of companis property in EnglandSTABLE CURRENCY You’ll have a strong and stable currency, the British pound.
SHARP-SYSTEM If you’re concerned about the sharp-system and political routing in your country in the years to come, a British Ltd. will provide you with protection wings.

EIS investice in England- start upSUPPORT Great Britain supports small and medium-sized businesses, creating conditions for easy business.
The possibility to open a bank account in a bank anywhere in Europe or the UK in any currency or account in an OFFSHORE destination.

Start-up in England

YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE UP BASIC CAPITAL You don’t have to make up the basic capital. In practice, its value often doesn’t correspond to the value of establishing a company.
PROTECTION FROM DISTRAINT An English Ltd. may be an effective tool against executors, and enforcement by European payment order is time consuming and                              costly. Your income will remain inviolable!

NIN UK–residency in EnglandRESIDENCE IN ENGLAND If you decide to become an employee of your Ltd. company in the UK, and of course this definitely isn’t obligatory, you’ll also pay the UK levy. This means at the same time that you can save for retirement here. This step then involves the necessary acquisition of NIN


              England is simply perfect for business!




Obchoduje se zbožím či službami v rámci EU. Vlastní internetový portál. Je freelancer, který se zabývá affiliate propagací. Nebo marketingem. Patří mezi info podnikatele. Z jiného soudku, má na vizitce napsáno programátor. Jeho klienti klepou na dveře IT společnosti nebo poptávají služby designéra. Pro podnikatele kteří připravují startup.


  • Founding a Limited Company, Private Company Limited by Shares within 2 days
  • 12 months' residence in an exclusive location in central London, is possible to rent a meeting room in a modern office park in the seat
  • VAT registration (you must provide all documents required by HMRC)
  • In the cost of mail forwarding from offices, courts, justice, tax office (doesn’t include normal mail)
  • All state registration fees, filling in and submission of all necessary documents
  • You’ll receive a certificate of incorporation, the foundation documentation and the company statutes
  • Opening an account in England / complete incl. embossed debit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Internet and telephone banking, cheque-book, personal banker services, complete package of services
  • Corporate tax is 20% in England
  • VAT has two rates, 20% basic and reduced for selected services and products - 5%
  • Contracts for the avoidance of double taxation YES
  • Tax rates on dividends, interest and royalties are usually a 5% dividend tax for those companies that own more than 25% of the company's shares in the UK, a 15% dividend tax in all other cases.
  • Bookkeeping is essential, filing tax returns is necessary.
  • Audit - not required.
  • Anonymity and privacy: Information about directors and shareholders is publicly available in the Commercial Register.

"Life's success doesn’t depend on the conditions we have, it DEPENDS on decisions we make".

For corporate headquarters we provide only prestigious and liquid addresses that support and increase your company’s credibility. If you’re looking for a company set-up and residence almost free of charge, contact another "business" that will provide you with a seat in a flat, while taking the attention of the local authorities, the tax office and the police who carefully guard the phishing addresses and all the activities of companies located at these addresses. 

Tax system in Great Britain

Non-resident companies that are controlled and managed from outside Great Britain and whose income doesn’t come from British sources are exempt from British taxation.

The tax rates listed below apply to Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). There are some exceptions in Northern Ireland. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is a country with a relatively low level of taxation compared to the EU average. The most important benefits of the system include various tax reliefs and low employer's social and health insurance contributions. Self-employed individuals and business partners must file a tax return for the past financial year (1st April to 31st March) by 30th September (on paper) or by 31st January (electronically). Failure to meet the deadline is punishable with a fine. Taxes and social and health insurance contributions are levied by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Tax Base - UK-registered businesses and tax domiciled residents here tax global income and profits. Businesses registered outside the UK and non-domiciled UK resident pay only a tax on income and income earned in the UK. British tax residents foreign income is fully taxable at the place of origin and the tax paid abroad is deducted from the tax base in the UK. This allows double taxation agreements that the UK has concluded with nearly a hundred countries. However, some businesses in the UK can be managed and controlled from abroad even though they have no presence or activity here. These businesses may be considered as resident outside the UK, due to the relevant double taxation avoidance agreement. Businesses registered outside the UK can be considered resident if they are controlled by the UK. However, such a status would require a greater presence in the UK than just a branch which only taxes the profits generated in the UK.

A Limited Company must submit financial statements, annual reports and tax returns. The rate of corporate tax is 21-28%. VAT - Basic (since 1st April 2011) is 20%. Audit - is optional when the following criteria is met.

VAT registration is mandatory if the taxable turnover exceeds the £83,000 limit in the previous 12 months, or if there are objective reasons to believe that the limit will be exceeded in the next 30 days. Registration with a turnover of less than £83,000 is voluntary.

Bearer is not allowed.

Withholding taxes: dividend pay-out isn’t burdened

All information regarding the main taxes, i.e. their overview, functioning, rates and, if appropriate, the method of calculation can be obtained by email

EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme)

(The Enterprise Investment Scheme) is designed to allow smaller companies with higher investment risk to raise funds - Investments by offering a wide range of tax breaks to potential investors who purchase new shares in these companies. Investment projects are only in the territory of England and Wales

 The entire EIS structure can be divided into several phases
1) Consultation - feasibility of the plan
2) Company, carrier and provider of investment opportunities-incentives (complete message including EIS authorisation from authorities)
3) It’s necessary to have a clear business plan prepared according to the required criteria, we can process a complete Business plan for you
4) Representation and active distribution of your shares - investment incentives investors


Legal entity type: Limited Liability Company (LTD)
Founding time: 2 working days
Number of shareholders: at least 1, maximum isn’t stated.
Shareholders: may be FO or business entities.
Registered capital: £1 minimum, maximum isn’t defined
Bearer shares: Not allowed.
A registered address is required in the United Kingdom.
Local registered agent isn’t required.
Directors: minimum is 1, individual.
Resident function of director: Directors needn’t be resident in the United Kingdom.


Corporate income tax is 19% (from 2017).
Retail tax is 19% (from 2017).
Capital gains are subject to corporation tax.
Dividend tax rate 0%.
Interest, royalties 20% (and other rates are included)
Net operating losses can be recovered with earnings a year earlier and without limitation.
The standard VAT rate in the UK is 20% for most goods and services. Applicable 5% reduced rate for some products and services (baby car seats and home energy) and zero rate for most food and children's clothing.
VAT registration is mandatory if the UK's taxable turnover in the last 12 months exceeds £81,000 (approximately 95,000 EURO).
Agreements to avoid double taxation with different countries have been applied, determining the rates of dividends, interests and royalties. Predominantly a 5% from dividend tax for corporations that own more than 25% of British company shares, in all other cases 15% dividend tax.
Accounting. Accounting and accounts preparation is necessary, it’s necessary to file a tax return.
Audit isn’t obligatory.
Anonymity and privacy. Information about administrators and shareholders is published in the Company Registry.


Founding a business in England now and here

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