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Now you can also have an anonymous
safety deposit box

Are you tired of monitoring, life with cameras, digital surveillance and constantly reporting to all authorities? Do you feel that doing business in this country isn’t easy at all, and the newly-announced laws and duties keep throwing obstacles in your way? Do you feel that your assets and wealth is only your business and you want some privacy? We fully agree with you and we have a solution for you. We offer a special anonymous safety deposit box.

What is the difference between a standard safety deposit box and one of ours?

You can establish a classic safe deposit box with most banks, but it’s written directly in your name or company. Whenever, especially in the case of distraint or court order, it’s easily traceable and the institution has an obligation to make it available. This is the case for with concern to individuals as well as a company.

In this case, it means that all assets, valuables, stored documentation and certificates suddenly come from a seemingly safe environment into the hands of the law, and are “discussed” by the public. At this point, no one asks how you are going to secure your families and children and your living. You won’t get it back from the hands of the bailiffs and loan sharks.

So you are becoming an outlaw and there is no escaping the endless marathon of the rolling machine. Human rights are gone. Nobody cares about your fate or the fate of your loved ones and your employees etc. In the name of some kind of law, you are issued in the wake of extinction, bankruptcy, and the way to the bottom. You become a negotiation number and file mark and you lose your real face.

An anonymous safety deposit box is one of the last options, how to maintain freedom and background.

It's therefore a certain analogy to a palpable 13th chamber of your soul. What is hidden in it remains safe for you, and you alone and no one else decides how to handle the contents. Don’t let others decide about you, stop living under the blackout and tyranny of domination and create a piece of your own world and safety on this Earth.

Maintaining anonymity

An anonymous security deposit box isn’t registered to any name and it’s really 100% completely anonymous. Only you know the number and only you have the key. No records, no bureaucracy. It's just yours.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is for the deposit box. You might not trust banks, market instability, or you just want to keep your privacy and don’t let anyone else care about your personal affairs. Don’t allow your strings to be pulled like a weak puppet, but show your strong face and stand up for yourself.

Instead of stitching money into the corner of the mattress that every thief or a thorough home inspection can reveal, try to set up an anonymous safety deposit box. Ensure protection and safety and reduce your risks. It’s always better to have more storage facilities and not centralise all valuables and documents in just one place. Definitely not a place that’s under your name, or linked to the companies that you operate as traceable.

Centralisation provides us with comfort, quick action, efficiency and ease of doing, but it’s also vulnerable, which can be a very weak place. Don’t make yourself weak under the pressure, but rise up and keep your pride. The more possibilities and paths we have in our lives, the freer we are.

How worthy is your quiet sleep?

What will be the development of your next business if you don’t begin to defend yourself with ever increasing obligations and reporting? In what direction will your standard of living go? Stop doing business and living in the world of spying and legal supervision of every penny you worked hard to earn. The service in the form of an anonymous safe deposit box is very worthy.

Make your life easier. Save your money. Go in a different direction than the herd goes.
Start living on your own. Become strong and fearless. Speed up your path to your dreams and do business with us.
It’s us who can guarantee safety and security. We keep an eye on the developments in society and respond flexibly to the facts. Anonymous safety deposit boxes are our answer. We’re not going to be crushed into the ground, we find alternative ways to freedom. By using our anonymous safety deposit box, you will gain a strong partner in us. We are here for you.


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