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We know what to do with receivables from two opposing sides

1.We’ll repay receivables on your behalf and therefore we will redeem you

Do you do business where you‘ve experienced an unsuccessful stage which means commitments for you? Do you need to rid yourself of receivables whereby you or your company is the debtor, and the result of this action is to be the elimination of your debt? We bring solutions to the problems of legal entities as well as individuals in the fields of economy, finance, commitments, organisation and management. We know how to deal with this. We also know how to deal with liquidating your liabilities and receivables.

We provide redemption for third-party claims which ensure your debt relief.

We’ll enter your situation as a third, independent entity.

Thanks to the prospect and experience with redeeming receivables, we can:

  • negotiate with banks
  • negotiate with a collection companies

You can only gain with us.

You can try it on your own, but a collision or a bumpy situation can occur which you won’t be able to escape from. You need someone with the knowledge of dealing with it and who knows your rights and responsibilities and who knows where to go. We can negotiate and search for ways which aren’t there at first glance. We know what can wait and what is urgent.

We know from experience that as an independent observer we can have better negotiating powers. Without emotions and affairs, we can negotiate better terms with our legal counsel than the creditor. Unlike you, we don’t lose our nerves because we are simply in a different role, neither the debtor nor the direct creditor. We come to save you and do everything we can to save your debts and save what we can.

2.Redemption of receivables - What exactly does this concept mean?

Redemption or assignment of receivables is currently a frequent activity. It’s a favourite service for all creditors who no longer have the power. Those who are tired of trying to resolve the situation, begging for their money and not wanting to spend their time to solve problems and running through the courts.

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