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A successful acquisition involves the right timing and evaluating all related aspects.

It’s always an integral project whereby it’s necessary to evaluate the economic, legal and tax impacts on the business operation. In particular, tax issues can greatly affect the entire transaction. Consolidation and restructuring also clearly show a growing trend in Europe.
We offer solutions in the form of specialised services for business acquisition, business merger, sale or restructuring of a company. Our clients are businesses and investors, development capital funds (private equity). In order to satisfy even the most demanding international investment groups and businesses, we work with a team of professionals and closely focus on individual business sectors, in different countries, to ensure flexibility, quality and expertise in the implementation of the entire transaction. We’re not restricted in terms of sector or territory, which allows us to be very flexible. We operate through Zenron and Associates in 64 other European countries, West Africa and South Asia, focused on acquisitions and mergers (M & A) and private equity (PE).

What do you get from us? (Acquisition process, terms and conditions here)

Together we’ll bring you solutions through our strong links and extensive networks of experienced international experts in the implementation of M & A (Merger and Acquisition) consultation services and transactions for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, there’s a substantial and unambiguous identification of strengths and weaknesses, possible threats and opportunities of this transaction. Therefore, the buyer gains a competitive advantage through speed, efficiency, effectiveness and verification, which therefore underlines its exclusive position. Due to their negotiating position, the buyer must obtain detailed, unambiguous information regarding the target company and possibly identify potential synergies. Businesses are often sold through organised auctions. It’s necessary to be extremely well informed and in fact ready for that.

Acquisitions, Mergers (M & A) Service Portfolio (Acquisition process, terms and conditions here):

  • Acquisition strategy
  • Tax modelling
  • Transaction structure
  • Valuing and preparing a company, its division or part of a business
  • Finding, examining a suitable partner (Research and Due Diligence)
  • Pre-investment review for the buyer (due diligence here)
  • Sales assistance
  • Pre-investment review for vendor (vendor due diligence)
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Advice on a purchase and sales agreement



I want to sell a business, I want acquisition (to buy), a business
Business appraisal, financial modelling
Acquisition process, terms and conditions, important information
Current offer & demand of companies - sales & acquisitions

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