“Switzerland is simply a large, lumpy, solid rock with a thin skin of grass stretched over it.”

Mark Twain

When you hear Switzerland, what first comes up in your mind? One of the wealthiest countries in the world, most stable strongest banking system, one of the lowest crime rates. According to the statistics, it is the best place to be born, but if you were not that lucky? Simply, create your own future and

Establish business in Switzerland NOW!

Switzerland is a neutral state located in Central Europe, which is world known for its advanced offshore banking sector and strongest banking secrecy. But is it really so and what is the prerequisite of development of banking secrecy in the future?

Switzerland and business

Switzerland company is meant for a specific type of businessmen, it’s like a VIP product, that not everyone can buy, most of us want to buy, but not made for everyone. If you think Switzerland is for you, what can it give you?

  • Low tax rates. Don’t be expecting offshore haven, like Belize, Seychelles… this is a completely different story. Legal entities with either a registered office or an actual administration in Switzerland are subject to unlimited tax liability. Resident companies are subject to corporate income tax on their worldwide income with the exception of income of foreign establishments or foreign real estate
  • Business environment and new opportunities for you. Swiss market is a huge, wealthy, potential that will bring your business to a new level.
  • Highest prestige you can get among your clients and partners ( owning a company in Switzerland is like owning a Hermes bank for a woman)
  • Banking advantages . When you register a company in Switzerland, you automatically get a Bank account with one of the largest domestic banks in Switzerland. Not bad, right? Dream of every businessman we would say.

What is happening with Swiss offshore market these days and what is the tendency?

  • Although banking secrecy is one of the main points and biggest advantages in Switzerland, country with the most developed banking infrastructure, associated with respect to bank secrecy, is not able to face international pressure and is forced to accede to the agreements on the exchange of banking information.
  • At present, within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was established an agreement on exchange of information on financial accounts, but also a number of other sensitive data, including information on interest, dividends or performance of certain types of insurance. The agreement will enter into force in 2017 and joined her as European Union member states and the classic offshore jurisdictions, eg. The Cayman Islands or the British Virgin Islands. The agreement was joined by Switzerland, which destroy the status of the country with strong banking secrecy.