Singapore has been incredibly well-managed. It was created out of the swamp, with a strong emotional idea: a safe place for mostly Chinese, but accepting other cultures and other races. Singapore is a pretty fantastic place, and the race is always a challenge.

One of the smallest and one of the most populated countries in the world,
Singapore has recently became an Asian offshore top destination of this century.
Go with the times!

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Basic Information about Singapore:

  • Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia, located on the island and
    54 other islands at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula
  • Its area is 710.2 km2 and population of 5.5 million Inhabitants, making it
    one of the most densely populated places on earth
  • Singapore has one of the most developed economies in the world. It is a financial,
    economic and transportation center at the same time
  • The country is characterized by an exceptional quality of life, The Economist Intelligence Unit
    named Singapore as a country with the highest quality of life on the planet

Singapore and Business. For you.

  • Even if It is not one of the classic offshore jurisdictions, like Seychelles,
    Founding a company in Singapore obviously brings certain major advantages
  • Simplicity and time management. The whole incorporation is very simple
    and adjusted for delaying bureaucratic processes.
  • Heaven Tax system in Singapore. Territorial principle. This means that
    the tax is payable only on income derived from sources in Singapore.
    So if all of the company’s revenue comes from abroad, then the company
    is totally exempt from corporate income tax
    . In the case of onshore business,
    the basic rate of income tax is 17%, but the government offers tax
    exemptions for newly established companies.
    During the first three years,
    revenue up to $ 100 000S fully exempt from tax. In Singapore imposed
    a zero tax on income from capital gains and dividend payments.
    Singapore is made for offshore!
  • Singapore’s laws offer very liberal rules regarding foreign ownership of the company.
  • Since Singapore is a modern financial centre, the majority of large
    financial institutions
    and consulting firms are based there.
  • Owning a company in Singapore is prestige among partners and clients.
  • An equally important theme is his long-term political stability.
  • The basic type of company is Private Limited Company for which Only
    one shareholder who may be resident of any country is required.
    Although, at least one director who is a resident of Singapore is a mandatory.
    The company must have a legal secretary who must be resident.
    No big investments are required, capital is more formal, The minimum capital is $ 1S
  • The company must have a registered office at the local address
    and must be a physical address, PO Box not allowed.
  • Register of companies is publicly accessible, therefore for greater
    is necessary to use so-called Nominee services.

Anonymity. Every single person, especially businessman has a right for anonymity.
That is our opinion! Like in some countries it is a matter of time (few clicks
and you know the whole information about the person, who owns the business)
But do you really want other people know what are doing, what is the capital of business.
For some, it is a matter of principle to hide this information and you have all rights for that

  • Sweet bonus. Singapore has signed many agreements on avoidance
    of double taxation, thus creating a way for tax optimization
    for companies based in countries with high taxation.

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