“If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.” 

Form a Seychelles company in 2-3 days!

SEYCHELLES is popular not only for beautiful white sand beaches, surfing and cocktails.
It is also known as the most popular tax havens these days.

Do you seek a tax haven with the greatest anonymity ?
A Seychelles Offshore IBC is the ideal choice if you seek a tax haven
with maximum anonymity for protecting your privacy, property and family.

Basic information:

  • Seychelles is a state located on the eponymous archipelago in the Indian Ocean
  • The largest and most famous island is Mahe,where 4/5 of the population lives
  • Main languages are English, French and Creole

The Seychelles have blossomed into one of the most attractive offshore locations.
The formidable Seychelles is legal provisions for offshore business,
in comparison to other offshore locations, have specifically contributed to this fact.

Seychellois legislation allows for several types of companies such as: the International Business Company (“IBC”),
Special Licence Company, Limited Partnership, Foundations and Trusts.

IBC – International Business Company

What do you gain from an IBC in the Seychelles?

Why do many companies choose Seychelles as a best offshore option for incorporation:

  • First of all, when you talk to a businessman,that is interested in offshore structure,
    you notice,that his main area of interest would be saving money.
    Which a reasonable, nobody wants to give away 50% of his income,
    when he works so hard. Here comes the main reason,why you should
    go for classic offshores
    ,like Seychelles,they offer you 0% tax.
    So how much money you make,that much money you get!

The IBC is exempt from all taxes, provided that the business activities
and company management take place within national borders. Such a company
is formally considered a non-tax resident. The company is not allowed
to do business on the territory of the islands, own immovable assets,
provide a registered address to other companies or perform insurance activities.
The IBC may own a boat registered in compliance with Merchant Shipping Act of 1992.

  • Second fact,that attract everyone is anonymity of ownership. Nobody will know,
    that you are the owner of the company, since register is not open for public.
    You secret stays with us!
  • nominee service (learn more about nominee services)
  • Minimum paperwork,that gives you more time to think about your business,
    rather than file a tax return and company is not subject to audit
  • quick establishment, from 2-3 days! No need to wait months, like in some jurisdictions
  • Accounting is very formal and does not require a lot of time and money investment
  • Seychelles have signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with Cyprus,
    good option for those, who work with Cyprus companies or have clients there

As you can see from the list below, there are much more advantages, rather
than disadvantages in registering a company in Seychelles.

Although the area of ​​tax havens and offshore centres continues to grow, producing more
offshore jurisdictions offering favorable conditions to international tax organizations,
Seychelles still holds a prominent place among these countries. Since it offers
deluxe legal environment linkage
with high quality offshore services and quick process foundation.

You can enjoy your cocktail on the beach,watch the sunset and your business will work with 0% tax! 😉

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