“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 

A Royal Country with monarchy, real life Prince and true neutrality can
become a home to your business, at it became to thousands of companies already.
Funny that there are more registered companies than people living in Liechtenstein, become one of them!

Establish a company in Liechtenstein NOW!

Basic information

  • one of the smallest countries in Europe, situated in the Rhine valley between Austria and Switzerland
  • Its total area is only 160 km2 and a population of 36 thousand people
  • State organization is the Liechtenstein constitutional monarchy, headed by Prince Hans-Adam II.

Is business in Liechtenstein for you?

  • Liechtenstein offers a very high standard of living. GDP per capital is CHF 158 000
    and unemployment is only 1.2%, those numbers do say,that this is one of the
    richest and most stable jurisdictions on the market
  • It is a very developed country with one of the strongest economies in the world
    with a large share of production in comparison to Germany and Switzerland, so if you look for stability and serious business,
    Liechtenstein is a right choice for you!
  • Liechtenstein is a globally recognized jurisdiction with highly stable regulatory and political environment
  • Taxation in Liechtenstein is a treasure for any businessman!
    The basic tax rate on corporate income is 12.5%, which is relatively low comparing
    to most countries and you will save money and remain prestige
  • In Liechtenstein there are three rates of value added tax. Basic is 8% and a reduced rate of 2.5% and 3.8%.
  • Prestige. Owning a company is associated with a high degree of prestige,
    comparable for instance with the company in Monaco.
  • Furthermore, there is a very strong enshrined banking secrecy.
    So it is a next Switzerland, which is most associated with banking secrecy.
  • The most common type of company based in Liechtenstein is a CorporationAktiengesellschaft (AG).
  • Only one shareholder, and at least one director who must be a resident
    of Liechtenstein
    are required for incorporation
  • The registered capital amounts is CHF 50 000 (EUR 50 000)
  • The establishment will take about 3-4 weeks.
  • Some paperwork will be required, but in such a serious jurisdiction
    like Liechtenstein it is obvious,that Companies must keep records, file tax
    returns and are subject to audit.
  • There is an obligation to keep company headquarters in Liechtenstein and at least once a year hold a general meeting
  • Furthermore, Liechtenstein has signed agreements on avoidance
    of double taxation
    (signed with Uruguay, Hong Kong, San Marino, Luxembourg,
    Switzerland and Austria
    ) So if you do business with these countries-it is an incredible bonus!

Want to get closer to Switzerland market, get a strong banking secrecy
and remain prestige among your partners and clients?

Incorporate in Liechtenstein!

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