“I am rich, I own everything that has happened to me” – to quote Latvian poet Māris Čaklais.

And, indeed, the history of Latvia in its few hundred years of existence is so rich and over-saturated with various events, that, indeed, it seems surprising that Latvia has survived and that Latvian people and language still exist, that Latvia has its own state!

Country with one of the fastest internet speed in the world, highest rates of fashion models per city,
home to inventor of jeans and most important, one of the fastest growing European economy!

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Basic Information:

  • Republic of Latvia, is one of the three Baltic countries on the southeast coast of the Baltic Sea
  • Capital city is Riga
  • Official language is Latvian
  • The total area is 65 thousand km2 with less than 2 million population
  • currently a member of the EU, Eurozone, NATO and other international organizations

Typical European countries are using tax optimization including
Cyprus, Malta, Netherlands and Liechtenstein. Some of these states have offshore
image or entail large administrative and operating expenses and therefore
are not always suitable for all types of companies. And here comes Latvia,
as a new emerging offshore centre in Europe.

How Latvia differs from other jurisdictions?
Why should you incorporate in Latvia?

Why Latvia?

  • Prestige. To begin with Latvia is a well known European destination with good legal system and
    financial center of Northeast Europe
    . It is good for European business, retention of prestige
    of the company and growth opportunities
  • Saving your money. If a businessman tells me,that he is not interested in saving money,
    i would probably think he is either an idiot or liar
    . Of course any normal human
    being wants to save his money, businessman is not an exception.
    Latvia will do that for you! Latvia offers lower costs for the company and its management, rapid process of establishment
    and all this with reasonable taxation of business and holding companies.
    The basic tax rate on corporate income is 15%, which ranks Latvia among
    the countries with the lowest rate of taxation of corporate profits in Europe.
  • Most often incorporated companies are SIA, which is the same as limited liability
    and AS, which is the equivalent of Czech joint-stock company.
  • Simplicity. Only one shareholder and one director are required,
    and they don’t have to be residents of Latvia
  • The minimum share capital is 2,000 LVL, at least half must be paid.
  • Although, be aware,that some paperwork is required, but is relatively common for European countries
    The company must keep records and file tax returns under certain conditions, is subject to audit.
    If you want to avoid paperwork at all, you should study more about Belize, Seychelles, BVI. 
  • Register of companies in Latvia is open for public. So for greater anonymity
    we would recommend you to use nominee services.

Anonymity. Every single person, especially businessman has a right for anonymity.
That is our opinion! Like in some countries it is a matter of time (few clicks
and you know the whole information about the person, who owns the business)
But do you really want other people know what are doing, what is the capital of business.
For some, it is a matter of principle to hide this information and you have all rights for that

  • Withholding tax on dividend payout EU residents is 0% !
  • if dividends are paid to countries identified as countries with low or no taxation,
    and the tax is 15% and in the case of extraordinary dividends this tax is increased to 30%
  • The basic rate of  VAT is 21%, but there are reduced rates of 12% and 0%
  • Latvia has signed many agreements on avoidance of double taxation,
    including the Czech Republic. Perfect for international businesses!

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