Isle of Man

Isle of Man

Isle of Man

“If you are to give him the whole of Great Britain and Ireland for an estate, he would ask the Isle of Man for a potato garden”


Basic Information:

  • Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency territory- island,
    which lies between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  • Its area is only 572 square kilometres and a population of 85 thousand people
  • Island is an integral part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
    but only a self-governing British Crown Dependency
  • Man‘s head is the British Queen, who is represented by the local governor

Isle of Man and your business

  • Man was one of the islands that has become the most popular tax havens recent years
  • At present, it is home to a large number of online casinos and bookmakers,
    and is also the destination of many a film crews, productions, who also use more
    advantageous tax treatment. Join the team!
  • The company is based on Isle of Man‘s offers a good way to optimize tax
    while physically do their business activity outside the island
  • The basic income tax rate is 0%, but in some rare cases may rise to 10%.
    No capital gains tax. No stamp duty. No inheritance tax.
    Double tax relief is available for foreign tax paid. No withholding tax.
    Sounds like Isle of Man says no to everything 😉 But this „no“ makes it
    one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world!
  • Island offers a good reputation and good legal framework based on English common law,
    so you don’t have to adapt yourself to a new legislation system
  • The actual payment of dividends on the island is exempt from withholding tax!
    Sounds like heaven!
  • In terms of paperwork, some will be required, but very minimal. Like annual return.
    Accounting has to maintained at the address, but company is not subject to audit!
    Less work for you and your employees!
  • One of the additional bonuses, that you would like for sure, that there is
    no Exchange control or other financial restrains, good for those,
    whose business is International!

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