“In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.”

Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, drink Guiness
and safe an impressive amount of money together with Ireland.

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Basic information about Ireland:

  • Republic of Ireland is a state on the island in Western Europe
  • Capital city is Dublin with population around 4,6 million people
  • It is a unitary parliamentary republic headed by a president

Ireland for business !

  • Strong economy. Yes, we all know,that in 2008, country was heavily
    hit by the economic crisis, but despite this recession it is considered
    as a very open economy with a stable regulatory environment that is
    based on English common law. Which means, if you and your employees are used to English laws,
    Ireland is a golden fish for you!
  • Taxation. Yes, as a businessmen interested in offshore, you are interested in saving money.
    Since the base rate on corporate income is 12.5%, which ranks among the lowest in Europe.
    In Ireland you will safe
    . But, this rate only applies to business profits.
    In the case of non-commercial profits, this rate increased to 25%.
  • The basic rate of withholding tax on dividend payments is 20%,
    but due to the existence of agreements on avoidance of double taxation can be effectively reduced to 0%.
    When exceeding the limit of 75 000 in the case of goods, and 37 500 EUR
    in the case of services, the entity is required to register for Value Added Tax,
    which amounts to 23%.
  • Moreover, country is also the gateway to Europe for many American companies and firms in the IT sector.
  • The most commonly used legal form of a Private Limited Company
    limited by shares (Ltd.), which is similar to our limited liability company in UK
  • In terms of incorporation, only one shareholder and two directors are required,
    although you should know,that at least one of them must be a resident
    of any country of the European Economic Area.
  • Also having a company secretary is a law,
    which may be any non-resident person.
  • The minimum share capital is EUR 1, so basically anyone can establish a company In Ireland,
    huge start up capital is not required
  • But be ready for some paperwork, that is a mandatory for Irish company,
    but doesn’t make any problems for your business at all. The company must
    keep accounting, tax return under certain conditions and Irish company is a subject to audit.
  • The company has the obligation to have an address in Ireland (must be a physical address)
    and annually hold the General Meeting.

Because of the 2008 economic crisis, during the recession, Ireland realized
how important the business environment for it‘s economy, and currently
offers a strong business support and attractive incentives for investors.

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