Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.”

― Nury Vittachi, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

Conductor between China and the rest of the world,
Hong Kong is a giant megalopolis with huge consumers market,
unbelievable potential for your business
with most organized networking events.

Basic Information about Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is a Chinese city located on the shores of the South China
  • 6,978,000 inhabitants, the most populated part of the world
  • Official languages are Chinese, Cantonese, English
  • Central Government in Beijing is responsible only for the area of international politics

Why these days Hong Kong is one of the most popular business destinations,
why daily hundreds of resident and non-resident companies are being incorporated?

  • Prestige and reputation is more important then 0% taxation for some companies these days.
    With Hong Kong company you will be viewed as a prestigious business
    with great potential for Chinese market and Chinese clients
  • Legal System is covered by English common law , so you don’t have to study
    Chinese laws and you won’t have any language problems,
    all the documentation can be kept in English language, since
    it’s one of the official HK languages
  • Be aware, that company register is accessible for public, so for higher anonymity
    we would recommend you to use nominee services
    ( learn more about nominee services )

If you want to achieve greater anonymity. The principle of nominee services is to
get a professional and responsible persons in the functions of the shareholders
and directors of companies that subsequently acting on behalf of beneficial owner under his instructions.
The beneficial owner will own the company, but all the documents appear signatures nominee
owners or directors and what is the most important,
nobody will know who is the beneficial owner.

  • Most commonly used legal form of the company in Hong Kong Private Company Limited
    by Share, which is the appropriate type of company for international transactions,
    and which exhibits elements of our limited liability companies
    and joint stock companies
  • Only one shareholder and one director who may be a legal or natural person
    and no need to be residents of Hong Kong,
    so you can be a solo owner
  • Important to know,that every company must have a secretary, which may be
    a natural or legal person and company should have its head office / residence
    in the territory of Hong Kong
  • Taxation is a piece of cake. For HK company tax is payable only on income
    that comes from sources within Hong Kong
    . Thus, if a company does business only abroad,
    the tax is replaced by an annual flat fee to the Government of $ 350.
    On the revenue derived from Hong Kong sources applies a tax of 16.5%.
    So you will safe your money!
  • Another advantage is a closed agreement on avoidance of double taxation
    with the Czech Republic.
    Sweet bonus for those, who have international partners and clients.
  • The disadvantage is that the company is obliged to keep records and submit a tax return
    once a year to present the results of the audit.

Hong Kong has more Rolls Royce’s per person than any other city in the world.
That does mean something,right?
Establish your business in Hong Kong NOW!

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