I hope one day when I say I’m from Estonia, people don’t say: ‘What? Where’s that?’

Carmen Kass

Homeland of Skype, Hotmail and KaZaA, join the team!
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Basic information:

  • North-eastern edge of the European Union, bordering Russia and Latvia
  • Population of 1,3 million people
  • Tallinn is a capital city of Estonia
  • Estonian is an official language, also Russian is widely used ( Estonia is a former Soviet Republic)
  • First country, that put up a flax tax system
  • Estonia is 50% forrest and has over 1500 islands

Why so many start up companies incorporate in Estonia these days?

Estonia is a small tiny country, willing to open their gates
to new business ventures and creating good conditions
for foreign businessmen and investors.
And we must say, their strategy is quite successful
and gets a lot of attention in business world.

  • To start with, it is the most advanced former Soviet republic, very liberal and progressive
  • Only distribution tax is paid, so it is a great jurisdiction for holding structure.
    No corporate income tax, 20% flat dividend tax(VAT). Numbers don’t lie,
    they always tell us the truth. Estonian truth is sweet.
    Tax conditions allow you to safe a lot of money!
  • Profit tax is 21% with extremely neutral tax system.
    Imagine if you are earning 1000$, if shareholder gets 1000$
    as a 100% income, then a tax will be required to pay,
    if those money, 1000$ will be reinvested,the business will not have to pay taxes,
    though it does not mean,that income goes 100% untaxed
    Discuss taxation in Estonia with Zenron agent
  • No withholding tax , all the foreign earned income is 100% tax exemption,
    so if your business is not local and you are earning money outside Estonia be ready to celebrate,
    because you pay 0% taxes and still own a European company!
    How good is that?!
  • Also saving your nerves would be a great bonus,
    because the amount of paper work,
    that is required is very minimal
  • Located in EU and allows one easily open a corporate bank Account
  • Large number of contracts for the avoidance of double taxation, including Czech Republic
  • Talented employees with good language knowledge, education.
    Estonia is perfect for building a small, middle companies (up to 500 employees) Good to know,that Estonia is known
    as a country with large population of software engineers
  • Great potential for new businesses, investments on the European market
  • As well as, opportunity to do business with the Russian market,
    but still be located in the European Union. And yes, Russian winter in Europe is guaranteed!

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