“The Caribbean is full of people who are larger than life. They fill your mind with their colorful speech, their walk, their engaging looks and their endless energy and love of life.”

A perfect destination for doing business
with USA and Canada.
Barbados is waiting for you !

Why starting business in Barbados ?

Basic Information:

  • Barbados is a state that is located on the easternmost island
    at the eastern boundary of the Caribbean
  • The area of the island is 430 square kilometers
    and a population of 286
  • Legal system of Barbados is based on English law.

Why should you consider Barbados a good choise for registering your business?

  • Nothing can be more attractive than low tax rate
    for any businessman. Have you ever met anyone,
    who said no to low taxation?
    Anyone,who respects his time, work would eventually think
    how to save, where to save their assets.
    That is why Barbados with a basic tax rate of 5%,
    which can be also reduced to 0.5% depending
    on the size of income can become a golden
    for those, who look for the right jurisdiction.
  • Plus, this destination is sweetened with signed agreements
    on avoidance of double taxation, including the Czech Republic,
    which means if you are open to do business
    with outside countries, you don’t have to worry
    about high taxation
  • In terms of establishment, Only one shareholder,
    one director is required, so if you are the only CEO
    in your company
    , you don’t have to overpay f
    or extra services, hiring nominee directors,
    shareholders, you are the only single owner of your business!
  • Register of companies is not publicly accessible.
    That is a MAJOR bonus. Imagine, no one will ever find out,
    unless you want to, about your business,
    monthly income
    and there is no possible way
    to find it, since Barbados is not exchanging
    information with other countries
  • If you still have doubts about anonymity,
    you can obtain greater anonymity by using
    nominee services (learn more about nominee services)

Basicly, you can use a nominee person that will help you
with some major points in your business.

  1. Every single person, especially businessman has a right for anonymity.
    That is our opinion! Like in some countries it is a matter of time
    (few clicks and you know the whole information
    about the person, who owns the business)
    But do you really want other people know what are doing,
    what is the capital of business. For some,
    it is a matter of principle to hide this information
    and you have all rights for that!
  • And not to forget, Barrbados is a perfect destination
    for USA/Canada business with lower taxation
    and other benefits.
But, please be aware…

Barbados company

  • Have an obligation to bookkeeping
  • Companies whose income or total value of the assets
    is greater than 500,000, must prepare the audited
    financial statements
Apart from that, it is a haven and a heaven for every businessman! 😉

Register a Barbados company now.

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the two options you select the third.

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